Sales Prospecting

The fastest way to scale your Sales Prospecting.

The fastest way to scale your Sales Prospecting by finding email addresses in seconds and reaching out to prospects all from one place. Your browser.

What is Sales Prospecting?

Sales Prospecting, traditionally, is finding new prospects by cold-calling. There’s a newer, smarter way to get started, email. Email outreach is one of the proven, best ways to scale your Sales Prospecting. We want to show you how Found may help identify potential leads, find their email address (in seconds) and email them, in a smart way, to grow your Lead Generation.

Here is why you will want to try Found…

Find email addresses in seconds

All from your browser. On company websites, social media sites and uploading a prospect list. Guarantee accurate emails so you can press ‘Send’ with confidence.

Personalized email outreach

Use email templates and sequences to schedule, send and track emails.Connect to Gmail and all the hard work is done for you. Connects with CRM’s such as Salesforce too.

Affordable. Built for teams

From sharing email credits to user management and campaign reporting, Found has been built to support and scale sales teams.

Sales Prospecting Essentials

If you’re looking for smart and fast ways to grow, here’s some awesome reading.

Following-up like A Rockstar! How important is the Follow Up to your sales team?

How important is it for your sales team to follow-up on leads? An obvious answer yet we experience a lot of businesses not deploying a proper follow-up strategy – one of the key stages of closing your pipeline.

It’s easy to focus on your new business activities and initial contact (all the more reason to divide your sales team into specific roles).

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