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We are the best Hunter alternative to find, verify and send emails.

We ❤️ Hunter. But you need more than just finding an email. You need to verify, send email follow-ups, manage and track. We do all of that.

What is

Hunter allows you to find emails and connect with the people that matter in your business. But, we would like you to see how Found compares as a Hunter alternative. This page has been made to compare Hunter. We want to explain the best way to find email addresses and send emails to prospects – it will help you make the best decision.

Here is why you will want to try Found…

Find and send emails with one tool

When you find an email, what’s next? With Found, you can find and send emails addresses in seconds. It’s from start to finish, all from your browser.

Manually find emails too

It’s not just emails available from a database. With Found you can add first name, last name and company and we will still be smart and aim to find an email address.

Hunter is too expensive?

Finding emails needs to be affordable, especially when email outreach is a numbers game. Here’s our pricing (and remember we include email outreach too!).

Hunter Alternative Essentials

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For any of you who are familiar with, it is a good reliable tool when it comes to email finding. However, for many of us, this is just one small part of our outbound email process which may result in you looking for a Hunter  alternative. A full outbound email campaign process may look as follows:

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Why you should be looking for a alternative? is good, but does it cover all of your email prospecting needs?

Since beginning operations in April 2015, Hunter has established themselves as a great tool to support you with solely finding and verifying business email addresses. However, it does not solve the problem of emailing these prospects. You will still need a further tool to support your email outreach if you wish to send more than 1 email to your prospects. This is one of the reasons why you should be looking for a alternative

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