How it works

The only tool (and team) you need to automate your prospecting.

A prospecting machine in three simple steps

1. Analyze target market

First thing we do is help you run analysis on your target market. It’s aimed at pinpointing the most promising prospects who you can start a conversation with.

2. Set up your campaign

Create personalized emails and start your email outreach. It’s completely automated prospecting, including follow-ups to get the conversations flowing.

3. Scale prospecting

Optimize your results and know what’s working, what’s not. You’ll be able to scale your best performing campaigns to hack growth.


1. Analyze target market

Planning comes first

Access 250 million+ contacts to prospect. But first comes a collaborative planning with our team to perfect your plan. It’s what distinguishes us in our field – software and service. Target specific companies and / or prospect from a range of data sources in an automated, scalable way. You can also upload data into

Pinpoint accurate targeting

Target prospects by job titles, interest, seniority level and geographies. We can also target based on if you’re a follower of certain influencers on Twitter, Quora or other social networks.

Real-time data

Our data is constant and learns in real-time. Email verifications happen as and when you need them.


2. Set up your campaign

Personalize email sequences

Sometimes you need to be even more personal. We help you do this by customizing your email with @variables such as FirstName, LastName & Company (we have over 20 variables to help build the perfect personalization).

Send email drip campaigns

Send a drip campaign to prospects in one click. Create, select and send personalized email sequences. We will continue sending personalized, well-timed email follow-ups after your first email, until you get an answer.

It will send from you and automatically pause an email follow-up when someone replies.


3. Scale prospecting

Understand what’s working

See who’s reading your emails, who are clicking on links and who’s responding. Track everything you need to get that extra insight on your prospects; open, click and reply rates.

Scale, scale, scale.

Identify what channels, email sequences and prospect types are working for you and scale these efforts into an automated machine.

Start prospecting now!

Get everything you need in one tool to make prospecting more human.

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