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Why you should be looking for a alternative?

By 18th September 2018 No Comments is good, but does it cover all of your email prospecting needs?

Since beginning operations in April 2015, Hunter has established themselves as a great tool to support you with solely finding and verifying business email addresses. However, it does not solve the problem of emailing these prospects. You will still need a further tool to support your email outreach if you wish to send more than 1 email to your prospects. This is one of the reasons why you should be looking for a alternative

What does Hunter allow you to do?

With Hunter, you can find and verify business email addresses for your prospects based upon domain searches. Hunter has broken the product into the below features in order to facilitate this:

1. Chrome extension prospecting

Jump onto your target companies website, open your Hunter chrome extension and review the employees of the company to find and verify the business email addresses.

2. Dashboard domain search

Input the company domain into the Hunter dashboard, you can now review the available business email addresses they have for employees of this company.

3. CSV import & Google sheets add-on

Import your list of data and have the Hunter platform to verify these contacts for business email addresses.

4. Single email send

You can create 1 email to apply to your prospects in bulk. This can be further tracked in Gmail but you cannot automate further emails to these prospects/contacts.

What does stop you from doing?

Hunter does not allow you to execute a fully automated email outreach campaign, yes they have an outreach feature. However, this will only you to send 1 email to your prospects and not a sequence.

Although Hunter has an awesome export feature, it has no direct integrations with any CRM’s, meaning if you wish to transfer your data this is now a multi-step process, you will need to export your data out and if required reformat and now import this data into your selected CRM.

Now, when it comes to your data prospecting. You can work with domains in bulk, but what if you have a set of prospects and you wish to quickly find your business email address based upon know:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company name

Well, with Hunter, this is not do-able. However, Found has an awesome feature which allows custom prospecting and email outreach directly from your chrome extension!

Why should I be looking for a alternative?

Firstly, Hunter is not your complete tool. We have established that is a good tool for finding and verifying your business email addresses, however, passed this. You will find limitations of what you can do with the tool. If you are looking to perform email outreach campaigns to these prospects, you WILL need another tool to support you. Hunter is extremely restrictive when it comes to outreach, it will simply allow you to send 1 email to your prospects. No campaigns, no drip sequences, just 1 email.

The export feature offered by Hunter is cool, but it does not have much in the way of integrations… If you are looking to manage your data through a third party CRM such as HubSpot or Pipedrive as 2 examples, you will have to manually export your data and import it into your CRM. This will also involve manual data management.

I cannot fully automate my email outreach? 

With Hunter, you have the ability to create an individual email to apply to a set of contacts, however, what happens when you do not receive a response to this one email. You will now need to manually review your data to determine which prospects now need a second, a third, a fourth email created and manually applied to them. This is not an automated or efficient process. + email outreach tool is too expensive? 

Now, as mentioned. With Hunter, you can only apply 1 email to your contacts at any given time, however, for many of us. We like to build an automated email campaign which may look like 4-6 emails with a sequence. We want these emails to automatically send when we are not receiving a response and well when we do? The tool should auto pick this up and no further emails to be sent. Well, if you are looking to do this while using Hunter, you will now need a third party tool.

This now means more $$$ and lengthy a workflow. You may look to use a tool such as ReplyUp for your email sending combined with Hunter for your prospecting. You will now be combining:



What tool should I consider as my alternative?

An awesome alternative to Hunter is Found, however, when looking at alternative tools, you need to consider a couple of factors:

Does this tool tick every box? Well, Found will allow you to:

  • Find and verify business emails based on site domain searches 🙂
  • Perform custom prospecting 🙂
  • Verify data via a CSV import 🙂
  • Set up and fully manage your email campaigns 🙂
  • Fully report on your email campaigns to understand success 🙂
  • Integrate with third-party tools 🙂

… and Found is more cost-effective 🙂



In conclusion, Hunter is good and reliable email finder and verifier but if you are looking for the all in one solution, from finding and verifying business email address through to executing and managing your email campaigns, it will not facilitate this for you.

If you are looking to perform the full process with one tool, this is when you will look to check out a tool such as Found.

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