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Why is not the complete sales prospecting tool. as an email finder. It is a solid, reliable tool. It competes with your other top email-finding and verification tools, however, finding email addresses is only one piece of the puzzle!

What can I do with

When working with you have the capabilities to find and verify business email addresses based upon domain searches. This may be through the format of:

  • chrome extension
  • dashboard domain search
  • google sheets add-on
  • CSV import
  • outreach feature allowing 1 email send to your contacts

So to summarise, when working with Hunter you can find emails from domain searches and either apply a single email to these contacts or you will need to export this data out and use through a desired third-party tool. You may be considering a Hunter alternative.

What restrictions do I have with

You have been working with the platform and now found all of your desired data through one of the features of the product. Great! I now have all of my qualified (or as close to qualified) business email addresses ready to kick start my outbound campaign, however, this should consist of more than just 1 email to each of your prospects. Well, when working with you have the ability to use the outreach feature they have made.

But, did you know this will only allow you to send 1 email to your contacts, you will then need to manually apply additional email outreach to prospects and again and again… You do not have full automation around this activity. This now starts to become a more and more manual and time-consuming process.

How do I create a full outbound email plan with in my stack?

When it comes to including in your sales stack, you will need to consider that they are only one piece in that puzzle. As previously mentioned, the reason why is only one piece, is simply due to the inability to automate your email sequences. With this in mind, your process and stack may look:

Email finding – will act as your email finder, this will be how you will turn that Company you are looking to target into actionable data and understand who you should be targeting and what that business email address looks like for them.

Email outreach 

Now, you have an abundance of tools in which you can review for your email outreach. Some more complex than others, however, all will facilitate the same basic need for an automated email sequence with the ability to put goals in place dependant on actions. A few options to review may be:

All of these tools will allow you to try before you buy 😀 I would suggest testing a few, understand which fits best with your workflow and for your needs and then take the plunge!


It is crucial to have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in place. This is how you will track your prospects through your sales process. Believe me, trying to manage prospects through email sends, excel spreadsheets or even notebooks  🙁 will only result in lost business, stress and lost time. You have so so many amazing CRM systems around, all at reasonable prices and dependant on your volume, you can simply run on free plans. Why not check out:

Now, how do we put this puzzle together?


Zapier will help you pull all this together to help make it as manageable as possible and does accommodate a Zapier integration. This is now becoming a big tool stack and not to mention, you will potentially be buying into 4 monthly subscriptions for 4 different tools = $$$$$







So, what do my alternatives look like?

Well, you will not find one tool to tick every single box, however, Found will tick as close to all as possible for you. Found will combine all of your email finding and email outreach needs from within one system. No third party subscriptions or integrations needed!

What does Found do?

Found will facilitate you to manage all of your email finding, automated email sequencing and campaign reporting from one tool. But to break down the features for you:

  • Chrome extension company website prospecting
  • Chrome extension custom prospecting on social sites
  • CSV import for list verification and email finding
  • Unlimited email sequences
  • List management and data organization
  • Full campaign stats and reporting
  • Full team integration
  • No 3rd party sending tool needed
  • No zapier needed

What are we missing? Simply your CRM 🙂 A CRM is where you should be managing your qualified leads and this should not be flooded with cold data. I would suggest visiting one of the previously mentioned CRM tools to understand your best fit.

Is Found a premium price?

Found offers very affordable and competitive plans to fit all needs with all of our features included in each plan 🙂

To conclude is for finding emails. If you are looking to really scale and take your outbound efforts to the next level, you need to consider a more all in one solution, the reasons being:

  • It is more time efficient as it saves jumping between tools
  • You are dealing with less suppliers and now can build one strong relationship than 3/4 tolerable relationships
  • It is cheaper!
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