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Should salespeople do their own prospecting?

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One of the largest inefficiencies is grouping together a load of different responsibilities into one, and even worse, onto one persons’ shoulders. In the world of sales, this may be web lead qualifications, cold prospecting, closing and account management.

We’re really clear when we say stop it, as soon as you can!

Here are a few key reasons why:

Unclear MI (Management Information). It’s near impossible to break out the performance of each of the layers of your pipeline when they are lumped into single areas. Different areas make it much easier to measure the performance of each of the stages of your business development.

Lack of focus. I’m not sure if you’ve tried multi-tasking when it comes to sales but it’s extremely hard. It’s so true that trying to prospect, deliver new leads and then nurturing these leads is not achievable. Each individual task needs attention and dedication.

Lack of motivation. Experienced salespeople (the cornerstones of your sales team) are best placed in closing business. They usually don’t like the thought of prospecting and are usually not the best placed to do it.

Lack of training and support. ‘Lumping’ means training difficulties. In terms of growth, it’s important to not just think of the immediate gain of breaking about your sales team into certain roles but also the opportunity to correctly train and nurture the team.

All of the above lead to suppressed growth as your overall inefficiencies are holding back the progress.

So what are the options?

Firstly, divide your responsibilities and pipeline management into clear goals. There’s an amazing book called Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross which is the inspiration for this blog (a highly recommended read.).

Here are the four clear sales roles:

1.Market Response Reps (Inbound Lead Qualification). These are your smiley-faced reps qualifying marketing leads coming from inbound inquiries such as email, website or phone. The source of these leads is primarily through organic, search marketing or word-of-mouth.

2. Sales Development Reps (Outbound Prospecting/Cold calling 2.0). These reps prospect into a list of target accounts to develop new sales opportunities from cold (this is where our tool comes in extremely handy). One thing to be very clear on – This team DO NOT close deals, but create and qualify new sales opportunities and then pass onto the next stage, Sales Executives.

3. Sales Executives. These are quota-carrying reps. The coffee-drinkers of this world where (coffee is for closers). They can be either inside sales team or outside (on the road).

Another extra tip: Sales Executives should stay in touch past the close of sale until the product is fully deployed. They’re your link to the revenue and as such the main touch point with it. Treat this like gold.

4. Account Management Reps. We’d all love to deploy our product and everything be smooth sailing. Unfortunately, this is never the case. These reps are your way of delivering stability, retention, and service to your customers. They are NOT salespeople.


We often hear that a company is too small to deploy these strategies. If you’re currently a Sales Team of one, work down the four roles consecutively and then back to the top, i.e. if you have a Market Response Rep, make sure you follow this up with an SDR.

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