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Hunter is a nice tool, however, this is not the only tool in the market to facilitate your email finding. Over the years, Hunter has established themselves as a market leader but are they your complete email finding tool?

What is Hunter?

Hunter is an email finder and verification tool. With Hunter, you can actively find and verify your prospect business email addresses, through a chrome extension search or a CSV import. You now have this data to use at your discretion. However, is this the best option for everyone? We have made this page to help you understand what your alternatives look like and make the best-informed decision based upon your needs!

You may be considering an alternative to Hunter because…

1. You cannot reach out to the email addresses found?

Hunter allows you to find email addresses, but should you wish to reach out to these contacts and convert them. Now, you need a stack of tools, Hunter to find and then an email automation tool to perform the outreach. We believe email prospecting should be a simple and efficient process.

Why continue to use a stack of tools to perform your email outreach, when you can do it all directly with Found! Found will take your Hunter experience to the next level. With Found, you can simply apply your email sequence to your prospect and track them all! Whether you do this via our chrome extension or our import feature.

Reaching out to prospects via Found Chrome extension:

Directly from your browser, you can find emails addresses and apply predefined templates to send emails in bulk to your prospects:

Reaching out to prospects via Found import feature:

You can also import your own internal email lists to send and track emails to your prospects.

2. Is Hunter too pricey?

Sales prospecting should be a lean and affordable process. When you take into consideration that with Hunter, you also need to allow cost for another tool for your email outreach which may look a ~$20 extra a month fee. This now gets expensive. We believe in an all in one solution at an affordable price:

Hunter monthly pricing – only find emails (need to be used in conjunction with another tool to send emails in bulk):

Found monthly pricing – find, send and track emails, instantly:

3. You cannot perform quick custom searches?

Hunter allows you to find email addresses based upon a domain search, but can you quickly and efficiently perform custom email searches. With Found, you can simply add, first name, last name and company name into your chrome extension. We will then supply back the business email address for your prospect, no filtering through multiple employees at companies. You can quickly target your key contact 🙂

4. Lack of integrations?

Hunter will simply facilitate you to run find your data and export to do as wished with, but what if I want to sync this data with my CRM? Hunter doesn’t allow you to do that. With Found, you can effortlessly integrate with your SalesForce CRM account to manage your data. We will also allow you to integrate with your Gmail account to perform that all import email outreach, no more multi-step processes.

Our team is currently working tirelessly to soon have the further integrations in place:

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