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5 pain points that an alternative solution may overcome

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How can hold back your email prospecting and what is the best Hunter alternative?


For any of you who are familiar with, it is a good reliable tool when it comes to email finding. However, for many of us, this is just one small part of our outbound email process which may result in you looking for a Hunter  alternative. A full outbound email campaign process may look as follows:

  • Identify your prospects (you will do internally)
  • Find and verify your prospects email address (you will use a tool)
  • Organize your prospects and data (you will use a tool)
  • Create your email personalized email templates for your prospects (you will use a tool)
  • Automate your email sending (you will use a tool)
  • Understand the results and reporting of your prospecting (you will use a tool)

This can look like a lengthy process, but this is only the case if you do not have the right solution in place to make this as effortless, efficient and cost-effective as possible.

What can help with? will support you in:

  • Finding prospects email addresses based on domain searches
  • Create 1 email and apply this to your prospects
  • Use Zapier to integrate with third-party tools
  • Export all data out of your dashboard and use as wished
  • Verify your existing data via the import feature

What pain-points might you face when using

  • Cannot perform a quick custom prospect search.
  • Have to use a third-party tool to create and send an automated email campaign.
  • Have to have a Zapier subscription to take advantage of sending through a third-party tool, otherwise, it will be a very manual process.
  • You are now buying into multiple tools and subscriptions and not just one, which becomes very costly $$$$.
  • Email validation is solely restricted to public search basis. This will limit who you can prospect and the number of contacts available.

How do I know if I should be looking for an alternative?

Here are a few simple questions to help you understand if you should be looking for a Hunter alternative:

  • Do you need email finding and email sending in one place?
  • Are you using too many sales tools to facilitate your email prospecting efforts?
  • Are you spending too much $$$ on your sales tool stack?

What alternatives do I have?

An awesome Hunter alternative you have is Found! With Found, you can perform all of your outbound prospecting needs, with one tool and in a more time and cost effective manner 🙂



Found is here to be your all in one solution, you can simply:

  • Use our chrome prospector to find and verify business email addresses based on both domain and custom searches
  • Create all of your email templates within your Found dashboard and apply these to your prospects from your chrome extension!
  • Use our import feature to bulk upload a list of contacts to find and verify business email addresses.
  • Apply your email templates to your prospects in bulk with our outreach feature
  • Report on all of your email campaigns within your Found dashboard
  • Manage all of your email prospecting with one tool and 1 lower cost

Takeaway points?

  • Found allows you to create an unlimited number of emails within your templates 🙂
  • Hunter allows you to create 1 🙁
  • Found allows custom prospecting and not just based on public domain searches 🙂
  • Hunter allows just public domain searches 🙁
  • Hunter becomes expensive with the inclusion of  Zapier and your 3rd party sending tool which you need to run a full outbound campaign 🙁
  • Found allows you to perform all your email prospecting and sending at an affordable price 🙂

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