Hacking growth. One prospect at a time.

We built Found.ly to solve our own problems. That was the start.

Our story

Built on solving the challenges of existing SaaS businesses that Nick Timms (Founder) had, Found.ly was made to have a repeatable, scalable way to hack growth.

Since that point, 850+ companies have used Found.ly to scale their outbound prospecting, with over 35 million email addresses verified, a team spanning U.K., Brazil, U.S., Philippines and Mexico and 180K sales conversations started.

Prospecting is in our DNA. C-level team are from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and proven SaaS business-people. 

This is where our journey has brought us…

850+ companies

Since 2015, we’ve served 850+ customers to get conversations started with prospects. 

Remote, diverse, awesome team

We’ve built the best talent from around the world, not from within our city only (London). 

180K sales conversations started

That’s a serious number of conversations. This motivates us to keep getting better.

MIT standards & SaaS expertise

Our C-team is built on existing successful SaaS Founders and MIT. 

Meet the team

Here are our key people that make it all happen. 🚀

Ben Cole
CEO, Head of Sales
Marcelo Ribiero
Head of Customer Success
José Victor
Head of Content

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