Prospecting made simple

The simplest way for

Prospecting in one place.

Find prospects, their emails and be smart about how you email them.

  1. Build prospect lists

    Prospect on websites, directly on professional networks or upload your own prospects.

  2. Find emails

    Find prospect email addresses in seconds.

  3. Automate email follow-ups

    Send personalized, automated email follow-ups so it looks like you πŸ™‚ Your emails stop when someone replies.

  4. Manage replies

    See who’s viewed, clicked and opened your email. Manage your prospect lists and how well your emails are doing.

Here’s some cool ways to use Found.lyΒ πŸš€

How to get over 60 leads per day: sales prospecting (we’ll tell you) β†—

How to get over 5 PR articles per day: PR pitches (we’ll tell you) β†—

How to build over 20 links per day: Link-building (we’ll tell you)β†—

Whatever you’re prospecting, we’ve got you covered.

Find. Build. Upload. Personalize. Automate.

Prospect on websites

Find prospect websites, and send them personalized email follow-ups, there and then from inside our Chrome extension.

Here's how β†—

Find accurate emails

Tired of finding emails manually? We do the searches for you plus have some super-tech. driving more ways to get accurate emails.

Here's how β†—

Track your prospects

Find out who’s viewed, opened, clicked your emails (and how engaged they are with them).

Here's how β†—

Prospect on professional networks

Prospect even faster on well-known social networks. We call it Power Prospecting (Pro).

Here's how β†—

Create personalized email follow-ups

Create sequences of personalized email follow-ups to prospects, that will stop when someone replies.

Here's how β†—

Get reports

Analyze your campaigns. What’s working, and what to focus more time and energy on.

Here's how β†—

Upload prospects

Already have a list? Import your own prospects, to find emails and send personalized follow-up emails.

Here's how β†—

Send personalized email follow-ups

Autopilot your prospecting. Send or schedule well-timed, personalized and targeted emails.

Here's how β†—


Connect with Gmail, so all the hard work is done for you. Also connect with CRM’s such as Salesforce.

Here's how β†—

Start Prospecting today.

FindΒ exactly what can do.